Wednesday, 27 August 2014

first month

Well ive been paying things off and trying to spend less. harder than i thought :) I have paid off my new look card and visa, but my virgin balance has increased slightly as I cleared off a small credit card balance of my partners to take advantage of a 0% interest offer.
Ive struggled with the kids being off for the summer and a couple of shopping trips for school uniform and clothing for them that I couldn't avoid. My car passed its MOT which was a relief so no big spend on that.

Current outstanding debt

Virgin c/card  14,419.88
Bank Loan        6,335.31

Plan for this month and the foreseeable future to pay off as much of the Virgin credit card as I can before the interest starts.
I have a few things to list on ebay clothing so I will use some of what I make to put towards any winter clothes I need. :)

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