Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Introduction to me and my debt.

Hi :)
I am a reformed shopaholic, I always loved having the latest thing, new clothes spoiling my kids and buying anything we needed or things i thought we needed! Fuelled by beauty blogs, fashion blogs, you tube hauls I felt I had to have 'stuff'
But in the past few years our family have had redundancy & illnesses and we gradually increased our credit card use to make ends meet -we then took loans out to consolidate them whilst still using them for emergencies which became a monthly occurrence. Juggling one to another to another ect. We have always made payments but just the minimum on them whilst struggling along.
Pretty soon I realised we were increasing the amount we pay to debts and reducing the amount we have to live on.
Its got to the point I have to do something to try and get out of the debt pit!
Changes so far:
This year I have gone back to work part time, I have sold my mercedes 4x4 and bought a small hatchback whilst clearing off a 9k credit card. This has also reduced my fuel bill, car tax and insurance. We moved our youngest daughter to the closer school at her request but that saved us £65 a month on school bus fees. Cancelling sky movies and sports saved another £20 a month. All the little things add up. I have just transferred nearly all my visa c/card balance to my virgin c/card which had an offer of 0% on all balance transfers until September 2015.

At this point in time my debts are as follows

22nd July 2014
Virgin C/card                            £14,303.61
Loan                                          £6,532.92
Visa C/card                                  £175.72
New look store card                     £135.43

August plan
To pay off visa credit card and new look store card
Make shopping list for groceries and shop at Aldi and the local market to avoid popping round to tesco express and buying things on impulse and at inflated prices.
To use up items in the freezer and tins in the cupboard.
School holidays - look for cheap days out/away

August planned spends
Car MOT  half price online offer spotted!


  1. Good luck, Liz. You'll feel loads better if you stick with it!

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